Audacious Jews Volume 3

From Moses to Leonard Cohen, via Maimonides, Weizmann, Trotsky and more – the lives, ideas and influence of ten audacious Jews - what they did, what they believed and their contribution to the Jewish story.  Courageous, challenging and often misunderstood, they left a lasting legacy for both Jews and the wider world.  Their insight and experiences can still be applied to help tackle contemporary moral and political challenges.

This book has in-depth separate chapters on a range of characters, presented in an easy-to-read bullet point format. Each chapter gives a summary of a character’s life, personality, beliefs and contribution to Judaism.

The appendices include a reading list, a glossary of many of the Jewish terms used, as well as short descriptions of the lives of the most important Jews in the Jewish story.


The leader of the Biblical Israelites and the most important character in Judaism.

Paul of Tarsus

The obsessive Jew who did more than anyone else to create Christianity.

Maimonides (Rambam)

The most important medieval Jewish scholar who radically changed Judaism.

Gracia Mendes Nasi

Medieval businesswoman and philanthropist, the outstanding Jewess of her day.

Moses Montefiore

The legendary British Jew of the 19th century who liberated countless Jews from oppression.

Henrietta Szold

The American founder of Hadassah and a leading force in social and child welfare.

Chaim Weizmann

Zionist, chemist and the first President of Israel.

Leon Trotsky

Marxist leader, revolutionary and writer.

Primo Levi

An Italian survivor from Auschwitz and one of the first to write about his experiences.

Leonard Cohen

A Canadian poet and singer.


In addition to these characters there is an additional chapter on Maimonides’ Thirteen Principles of Faith. This looks at the relevance of the principles for the modern Jew and attempts to answer the question ‘What does a Jew need to believe?’  There is also a mini biography of Rosa Luxemburg and discussions on ‘Perfectionism and the Need to Please’ and ‘Filling a Lonely Spiritual Hole’, which are common characteristics amongst many of the Audacious Jews.

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