Audacious Jews and Myers Briggs

Whilst researching Audacious Jews, I was struck by the similarities of the personalities.  They were so often single-minded, stubborn and visionary.  

My favourite tool for analysing personality is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  You can find more information on the Myers Briggs by clicking here

In Myers-Briggs language, the Audacious Jew is closest to the INTJ type - the independent and individualistic thinker.  The traits of the INTJ (Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging ) are:

Key Characteristics
  • Creates inspiring visions that leave others breathless
  • Will re-organise everything
  • Independent, not sharing responsibilities, isolated
  • Driving, single-minded, courageous and forceful
  • Tough-minded with others
  • Intellectual; a deep thinker
Preferred work environment
  • Decisive, intellectually challenging projects with a long-range vision
  • Privacy for reflection
  • Efficient
  • Freedom to act creatively without bureaucracy, status or scepticism
  • Task-focused, but not with masses of trivial detail
At their best when
  • Challenging tradition
  • Strategic insight; providing solutions to complex problems
  • Asking probing questions
  • Organising ideas
  • Completing tasks
Potential pitfalls

  • Unyielding; others are afraid to challenge; demands unthinking loyalty and encourages dependency in others.  Often unreasonable and too demanding of others and self - and can’t see this
  • Critical of others’ ideas without providing solid evidence; doesn’t nurture others, lacks empathy
  • Prone to angry outbursts when feeling unfairly thwarted; emotionally thin-skinned, especially when criticised by others
  • Unappreciative of others, especially if they are slow to catch on, are irresponsible or emotional
  • Judgemental and undemocratic, valuing others predominantly for their competence and loyalty
  • Impractical, too ambitious, trying to change too much too quickly, leading to feeling frustrated and disappointed
  • Unaware of the impact of own ideas on others; doesn’t explain sufficiently, leaving others unsure; poor at delegation

These people are:

They are the most visionary and courageous thinkers but are often left frustrated by the conservatism and slowness of others.  Knowing they are nearly always right, they are stiff-necked, and irritate others by arguing / wrestling all their points.