Audacious Jews Volume 2

From Judah to Louis Jacobs, via Disraeli, Marx, Einstein and more – the lives, ideas and influence of ten audacious Jews - what they did, what they believed and their contribution to the Jewish story. Courageous, challenging and often misunderstood, they left a lasting legacy for both Jews and the wider world. Their insight and experiences can still be applied to help tackle contemporary moral and political challenges.

This book has in-depth separate chapters on a range of characters, presented in an easy-to-read bullet point format. Each chapter gives a summary of a character’s life, personality, beliefs and contribution to Judaism. The appendices include a reading list, a glossary of many of the Jewish terms used, as well as short descriptions of the lives of the most important Jews in the Jewish story.
Judah Son of Jacob, brother of Joseph, the brave and inspirational man who put the ‘Ju’ in ‘Judaism’.
Shlomo Yitzchaki (Rashi) Medieval French commentator; the most influential Jewish author in the last 2000 years.
Baruch Spinoza Radical 17th century thinker.
The Rothschild Family 19th century bankers and philanthropists; the richest and most influential Jewish dynasty.
Benjamin Disraeli 19th century British Prime Minister.
Karl Marx Revolutionary 19th century economist and socialist.
Martin Buber 20th century philosopher, Zionist and creator of the ‘I-Thou’ idea.
Albert Einstein Brilliant physicist, an avowed pacifist and Zionist.
Abraham Joshua Heschel 20th century rabbi and a model for compassionate social action
Louis Jacobs British Jewry’s most prolific and controversial rabbi and its only world class scholar.
The book also includes further commentary on Judah’s Journey, a Marxist analysis of Judaism, a Marxist Aleinu, Hineini and Physics & Religion.

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