Future Talks

Please contact info@audaciousjews.com for further information.  All the talks at Radlett Reform Synagogue are on Zoom and can be accessed through clicking this link
Monday 18 October 13.30-14.30. Jewish Care Presents
Golda Meir
Pivotal to the founding of Israel and its fourth Prime Minister.  Said to be both "the best man in the government" and at fault in the Yom Kippur war.
Wednesday 20 October 19.45-21.30. Radlett Reform Synagogue
Richard Rodgers
One of the most significant popular American composers of the 20th century, writing first with Lorenz Hart and then with Oscar Hammerstein. A musical feast.
Wednesday 3 November 19.45-21.30. Radlett Reform SynagogueGlückel of Hameln A highly successful and energetic businesswoman and diarist in the late 17th century. A loyal and devoted wife to two husbands and mother of twelve children.
Tuesday 9 November 14.00-15.00 Association of Jewish RefugeesMarc Chagall
The most famous Jewish artist of the 20th century who created his own style of modern art, based on Jewish Eastern European folk culture.
Wednesday 17 November 19.45-21.30. Radlett Reform SynagogueLionel Blue
An unconventional British Reform rabbi, author, cook, liturgist and broadcaster, famed for his wry sense of humour on Thought for the Day – the God slot.
Monday 29 November 13.30-14.30. Jewish Care PresentsIrving Berlin
The greatest American songwriter.  A classic rags-to-riches story of a Jewish immigrant to America from Russia who made good. A musical extravaganza.
Wednesday 1 December 19.45-21.30. Radlett Reform SynagogueAbraham MaslowA visionary 20th century American psychologist, best known for creating his hierarchy of needs, a widely used theory of psychological health culminating in self-actualization.
Tuesday 7 December 14.00-15.00. Bushey Sage
Rosalind Franklin
An English chemist and X-ray crystallographer whose work was central to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA, especially the famous photograph of the double helix.
Monday 13 December 13.30-14.30. Jewish Care PresentsLeonard Bernstein
The American composer, conductor and pianist.  A maestro in both classical music and popular musicals and the composer of West Side Story.
Wednesday 15 December 19.45-21.30. Radlett Reform SynagogueMordecai Kaplan
An American 20th century rabbi, intellectual, writer, orator, Jewish educator and co-founder of Reconstructionist Judaism.
Monday 24 January 13.30-14.30. Jewish Care PresentsHarry Houdini
The world-famous illusionist, stunt performer and showman. He overcame poverty, bigotry and self-doubt to live the American dream. But how did he really do his illusions?