Future Talks

Please contact info@audaciousjews.com for further information. The Zoom link for talks at Radlett Reform Synagogue is


Wednesday 21 April 7.45-9.30pm Radlett Reform SynagogueGod 2 - RevolutionLet's talk about God - exploring Jewish ideas about God from
650 BCE to 1200 CE.
  • How did prophets, priests and rabbis think about God?
  • Did God really want animal sacrifices?
  • Can God’s existence be proved?
  • How can God be described?
  • What do you have to believe about God to be a good Jew?
  • Is God an impersonal force or a someone you can have a relationship with?
Wednesday 5 May 7.45-9.30pm Radlett Reform SynagogueGod 3 - ReformationLet's talk about God - exploring Jewish ideas about God from
1200 to 2021 and beyond.
  • Mystical ideas of God
  • Did God survive the enlightenment?
  • Are fundamentalist views authentic Judaism?
  • How do modern thinkers think of God?
  • Why is there evil in the world?
  • What does ‘having faith’ mean today?
Tuesday 11 May 2.00-3.00pm Association of Jewish Refugees
Golda Meir
Pivotal to the founding of Israel and its fourth Prime Minister.  Said to be both "the best man in the government" and at fault in the Yom Kippur war. Who was the real Golda?
Wednesday 12 May 3.30-4.30pm Jewish Care Presents
Harry Houdini
The world-famous illusionist, stunt performer and showman. He overcame poverty, bigotry and self-doubt to live the American dream. But is practising magic a kosher career for a Jew?”
Tuesday 1 June 2.00-3.00. Bushey Sage
The 1st century priest, politician, soldier and writer who deserted the Jewish cause, rejected its leaders as Zealots and became the first Jewish historian. Is he a traitor to the Jewish cause or a hero of moderation?